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Unstoppable Teen app (very helpful app)

Unstoppable teen app

Hi, Glow Girl!

This week I have gotten back into using the unstoppable teen app and it made me realise how good this app is and how this app could help a lot of my readers and not just me, so that being said, I had to recommend it to you! Now, if you have not heard of the app unstoppable teen, then you are missing out! In this post I will explain to you all about the app and how I like to use it. I am hoping after you read this post you would be eager to get it. Let’s get reading!

What is the unstoppable teen app and who is the founder?

Unstoppable teen is an app that helps teenagers in all areas of their life, they mainly specialise in helping teenager get good grades in exams and shares lots of great study tips and tricks for you to do at home.

The founder of this app is Keven Mincher. He is a leading performance coach, educational innovator and youth advocate. His mission when creating the unstoppable teen app was to help 1,000,000 young people experience a better quality of life.

How much is the app?

Well, this is the best part, it is completely free to have the app!! But Kevin Mincher has realised a book about getting good grades, and the book is something that you will need to buy, but all the content in the app is free and you have full access to, I know exciting!!!

What things can you do on the app and when I like using the app

When you go into the app, you have lots of choices to click on. I mostly use this app to listen to podcasts. They have some great Podcasts to listen to they are mostly about how to get good grades but there is couple about teen health, how to deal with bullying and much more. I always listen to the podcasts when exercising it’s a great way to fit it in with my day. I would listen to a podcast mostly when I am on the bike, so, I am not only exercising and serving my body, I am also learning at the same time!

Before you listen to any podcasts, I would advise you, when you first get the app to click on get started which is on the main menu and complete the survey they give you. I did this, and I found it helpful.

Kevin Mincher has also included lots of good programmes that you can follow, and you can access these programmes by the app and he does programmes on helping with confidence, self – belief and more.

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