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Hi Glow Girls!


Today I can’t wait to share with you some important self-care tips which I got from the Hemsley Sisters, when scrolling through their website. I can assure you these tips will help you become the best version of you! x


Haven’t heard of the Hemsley sisters? Make sure you checkout out their website and Instagram to get to know a little bit more about them and what they do! They have been amazing roles models to me, so I really recommend them! 🙂



Jasmine Hemsley:

Melissa Hemsley:


Now, let’s jump straight into today’s post!


  1. Listen to uplifting positive music.


  • When I always listen to my favourite playlist or song it always leaves me in a happy mood for the rest of the day. So, at the weekends when you are busy in the kitchen making your favourite healthy snacks, whack on some tunes and get dancing! Why not? Don’t take life to seriously, just loosen up and have a little party in your kitchen. 🙂


  1. Take a long relaxing bath!


  • Now this is an obvious thing to do if you want to de -stress and relax but trust me it makes all the difference if you are recovering from a hard and tiring day of school. But let’s be serious here! If you are going to have a bath, you have to go all out or it’s not worth it! Quickly and quietly ‘borrow’ some of your mum’s essential oils to put in the bath and grab a few candles. Who’s stopping you!



  1. While in the bathroom treat yourself to a face mask




  1. Sleep in for an extra hour on the weekends.


  • This is something we don’t have to be told to do! I love a nice long sleep especially at the weekends and that extra hour lie in, will give your body more time to recover from the previous day.


But if you are an early bird that doesn’t want to sleep in than maybe read your favourite book, but let’s be real here, I am not a book person, so I would choose sleeping in an extra hour, over anything! In all serious, it is good to start your mornings slow once in a while.


  1. Get outside


  • Come on girls! Up you get and get some fresh air JIt makes so much difference when you are outside breathing in fresh air, it instantly makes you feel more energised and refreshed.


  1. Do your daily exercise, without fail!


  • Moving your body and working all the muscles in your body is so important. So, make sure you do your daily exercise! It’s IMPORTANT!


  1. Once a week brainstorm your dreams and goals for the coming months.


  • Not going to lie this is one of my favourite things to do. I have a section in my room and it’s called my inspiration wall, which I will probably introduce to your guys, in a specific post where I talk about what is my inspiration wall and why I have it! It’s a good idea to remind yourself of your goals in life and to keep working hard to accomplish them.


  1. Make a peppermint tea


  • This is a great thing to do for a pick me up. If you are feeling very drained or tired, then a nice refreshing peppermint tea always does the trick.


The next step forward after reading this post is to take action! Copy and paste these tips into a word document and print it out so you can have it in your bedroom or office, wherever suits you and then you can always be reminded of these tips.


Thank you for reading, as always 🙂


Lots of love Ella x

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