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Tips on getting a good beauty sleep

Tips on getting a good beauty sleep

Hi Glow Girl!

Welcome back to another post! 

Now, I am guessing you have come to read this post because these past few weeks you have not been sleeping great and you trying to find out the reasons why this is or you are just looking for ways to improve your sleep so you are bright and ready for school the next day. Whatever the reason I am happy to help and the way I am going to do this is mention a few tips on how to get a good sleep. 

It is so important that you get a good sleep especially when you have a lot on the next day. Sleep is important especially for us teenagers because our brian is still evolving into an adult brian, and a good nights sleep helps our brain to process everything that has gone on during the day. This helps us to be more productive and alert when we wake up. 


Now I know that a lot of you are wanting to stay up all night, catching up on your favourite series or you just want to text your friend about the latest gossip at school. Don’t worry you can admit it and to be honest I have been guilty of this too! But I cant stress enough about making sure your electronics is no where near you when sleeping and also making sure you are not on electronics an 30 minutes before going to bed. It will be hard habit to break for some of you but I know you can do it! 

So here are some steps to take in order to break this habit: 

 * Separate room: Put your phone in a separate room on charge so its out of reach when trying to go to bed. My family has a place in our living room where we all put our electronics on charge before going to bed. Its a good sensible idea, which you should definitely think about doing with your family if you don’t already. 

  • Turning wifi off: It is also a very good idea to turn off your wifi during the night. There is some research that suggest your wifi router omits harmful radiation, so turning it off during the night can help improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Set an alarm for the morning: Have an alarm clock instead of a phone, but I am aware that a lot of you use your phone for an alarm to wake up for school in the morning. If you can get yourself a separate alarm clock than that would be a great idea.
  • Putting your phone on airplane mode: If getting an alarm clock is not an option for you then put your phone on airplane mode, especially if you phone is going to be right next to you when sleeping. Putting your phone on airplane mode is a simple and easy thing to do, which make a lot of difference, especially when combined with turning your wifi off. 

Tip 2. Forget about your worries and RELAX! 

There is lot of pressure put on us teenagers, especially at school because of exams, making friends, etc. Therefore a lot of us go to bed with worries and fears. Going to sleep with these fears and worries, is most probably preventing us from sleeping well. 

Now trust me I can relate to having a lot of pressure put on me at times, and sometimes I put way to much pressure on myself, which is not really necessary and I am sure sometimes you do as well. 

Here are some of the things I have done before bed which has really helped me forget about my worries and made me feel sleepy and relaxed. I recommend you do some of these tasks within 30 minutes of going to bed, where you will not be on electronics;

  • Taking a nice relaxing bath. Now I know this is an obvious one and I am sure a lot of you do this already but this is something that is worth doing. When I am having a bath, I always like to put some nice salts and scented oils in the bath to make it 10 times more relaxing. I also find that taking a bath is the time where I relax and think about the things I have achieved already in my life and be grateful for those achievements. 
  • Meditate. Now this is something that I find very difficult but it has helped me so much in the past with my worries and fears so I have to recommend it to you. Meditating might come across weird and not ‘cool’ but it only takes a few minutes out of your day and it makes such a difference on your mood and how you feel. 
  • There is lots of other things you can do to take your mind of your worries rather than going on electronics, these are;
  • Read you favourite book 
  • Write your to do list for the next day 
  • Draw and colour 
  • Play with a sibling 
  • Write in your diary (if you have one) 

Tip 3. Be smart about what you eat and drink.

Making sure you are eating and drinking the right things are so important when trying to sleep in the evenings and here are some of the things you should avoid; 

* Drinking caffeine – If you drink caffeine in the evening is will disturb your sleep, so if you are going to have any caffeine then have it in the mornings. 

  • Avoiding big meals at night – I would recommend having dinner as early as possible, so you give time for the food to digest. Also try and avoid heavy and rich foods, which could give you stomachaches. 
  • Don’t drink to much water in the evenings – Drinking to much water or any fluid could result you wanting to go to the bathroom regularly throughout the night therefore disturbing your sleep. 
  • Lastly, of course cutting down and avoiding surgery drinks and foods is crucial. Also, refined carbs like bread, pasta etc. 

There you go! I have shared with you my 3 most important tips on how to get a good sleep, hopefully this will help you.

Now, after reading this post I would love for you to focus hard on these three tips and I am sure very soon you will waking up bright and early, and you will be ready to make the most out of your day. 

Thank you for reading 🙂

Ella Cranfield x

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