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The Ultimate Gym Bag Checklist!

The Ultimate Glow Girl Gym Bag Checklist

Hi Glow Girl!


Welcome back to another post! I love going to the gym because I love the atmosphere and how everyone is so motivated to workout out but there is nothing worse than not being prepared. So, first things first, making sure your gym bag is ready to go is super important so let’s get straight into today’s post where I am going to share with you the gym bag must haves!


Cute gym bag


Having a cute Gym bag is key or at least having a bag is crucial because all the exciting beauty products and gym essentials you will be packing will need to go somewhere. Also, it’s always a nice bonus when your gym bag is cute. Who doesn’t like a cute gym bag?:)


Protein Bars


I really don’t think I would survive at the gym if I didn’t have my protein bars with me! I don’t know about you but after I work out I am normally super hungry so having some sort of healthy snack with me is super important. I recommend the Deliciously Ella oat bars and energy balls, they are so good!

or if you could wait to get home to eat, I recommend making yourself a smoothie after the gym. 🙂


Water bottle


This is so important! Make sure you have a water bottle handy because you will be needing to have water during your workout and after.


Lots of hair ties


Ok, so maybe not lots of hair ties! But I would take at least 2 one for spare because hair ties get lost easily! Have your hair up when you work out, so it’s away from your face.




Having perfume with you at all times is very handy, us girls got to smell good! 🙂 When you finish your workout, get into the shower, then apply perfume. Also, having perfume with you will be a great way to refresh yourself after the shower.


I have found this nice natural refreshing perfume, from the brand Pacifica, which I think you will really love:




You definitely can’t go to the gym without having ear plugs! Everyone likes listening to their favourite jams, when working out. 🙂


Leggings and sports bra


Having a cute workout outfit is always key! You never know what sort of boys will be at the gym!!!!


Small towel


When going to the gym, having a small towel beside you when you get sweaty is a great idea


Coconut oil


I love bringing coconut oil with me! It’s so handy to have and great to put on after you have completed your workout. Spread a little bit of the coconut oil around your face, try not to get in your hair or else your hair will be greasy for days!! Applying coconut oil onto your face is very good because the coconut oil contains vitamin E, which is great for the skin! 🙂


Hair brush

Make sure to bring a brush and also if you want to wash your hair at the gym, then being your shampoo and conditioner. I definitely recommend the faith in nature shampoos and conditioners:


Also, it’s also ways good to bring a styling gel with you as well and just use the styling gel when your hair is damp before drying.


Padlock for locker room


If your gym has lockers where you can put your gym essentials in, then you don’t want to go anywhere without a padlock! 🙂


Extra socks


We all know the feeling of sweaty, stinky socks? So, I am sure you want to replace those socks as soon as possible when you are done with your workout. So, having extra socks is always a good idea!


Gym access card


You might have a gym card you need to take with you, if that is the case then make sure you remember taking it with you!




Let’s not forget are deodorant! We definitely don’t want to stink 🙂



Ok I think that’s about it! You might need a big gym bag.


Hope this post was helpful and thank you so much for reading 🙂


Ella x

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