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The 2 main benefits for me to be educated at home

2 benefits for me to be educated at home

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There can definitely be some drawbacks to being educated at home but there are also some great benefits, that have helped me.

No Distractions and becoming more independent with my learning.

When I was at school I really liked learning with my friends but I also soon realized that as much as it was fun laughing and giggling with them I also found I got distracted from my learning.  So, now working from home I am less likely to get distracted therefore I can really concentrate on what I am doing which helps me to get the best out of my education.

Another way I have become a more independent learner is because I don’t have my friends to work with during study time.  It was often at these times that we would work in groups or partners which whilst quite nice, meant I relied on my ‘clever’ friends too much.  Being at home I have to be much more independent with my learning and it is up to me to try and solve the problem before getting any help.


The freedom to have more flexibility and to have more opportunities and experiences in life.

I always make sure I plan every single day so I can get the most done in my days. But because I am not at school I can have the freedom to be flexible with my plans and to sometimes be able to change things around. So, being able to have a very different day occasionally makes my home-schooling much more exciting.

When I was at school my day was from 8:00 am till 6:00 pm, which is a very long day, so as you can imagine I hardly had any time to experience other opportunities that came my way, for example attending auditions for shows.  Now I have the time and flexibility to do other things, which really gives me variety and opportunity, which I really enjoy.


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