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Personal reasons why I am healthy

Personal reasons why I am healthy

Hi, Glow Girl!

Today this is going to be a more personal post.  I want to explain why am I so passionate about health?  I think this will help you to get to know me a little bit more and why me being healthy is so important to me.

Now, I am sure we all have our own personal reasons why we are healthy or why we want to be healthy, here are some of my reasons:


  •   One of my biggest worries in life is becoming ill because I haven’t looked after myself. The thought of being ill later in life is a big worry for me.   So, I use this worries and fear to drive me and give me determination to look after my body by eating well and exercising.


  • I love being active and playing sport, and I feel that looking after myself and being healthy will help me keep doing this.  When I am able to exercise and play sport I feel energized but probably more importantly it helps to get me in the right state of mind, which means I am able to do the things that I love and inspire me.


  • I am a big pleaser and I am happy to admit it! I always want to make my mum and dad proud and I am sure that is the same for anybody. So, the thought of being unhealthy and not looking after myself would definitely feel like I am letting myself down and everyone else around me, especially my parents. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not health just because I want to live in my parents values , I am healthy because I choose to be.


  • My final point on why I choose healthy habits is because it makes me feel better, this is probably my most important reason. I have noticed that if I am out with my friends and I have had a bad unhealthy eating day with lots of treats and sugary foods, then I really notice how my body reacts and it’s not a feeling I like!  My brain feels foggy and my energy is low. I am sure we have all experienced it quite a few times. But when I eat healthy, I feel alive and fresh and energised and most importantly happy!  This probably sums up why I am healthy and why I am so passionate about it, quite simply because I like how it makes me feel.


This post was very personal to me and I am happy to be able to share these reasons with you today. I have mentioned 4 main points of why I am heathy. Throughout this post I have shared with you a couple of my fears and worries, which I am sure a lot of you can relate to.   I hope you enjoyed reading this post.


Remember living life, healthy and well brings happiness. 🙂


Thank you for reading x


Ella  x

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