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My Sisters Marvellous Mint Smoothie

My sisters marvellous mint smoothie!

Hi Glow Girl!

If you are a mint lover like my little sister then you will love this marvellous mint smoothie. This is a great smoothie to have after a workout and it is quick and easy to make and dent take up a lot of you time.


1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

I tablespoon of coconut oil

1pinch of dried cut up mint

A handful of fresh mint leaves

25ml of coconut milk

A handful of spinach leaves


 This smoothie gives me some greens in the morning by adding the spinach leaves and I also like the taste and freshness of the mint. The coconut gives me the source of fat that I need as well as making it a really creamy drink.


 For the chocolate, I use the unsweetened Natures plus Spiru-Tein chocolate powder, which of course has the benefit of no added sugar, but it also brings lots of flavor to the smoothie. If you liked my sisters favourite smoothie recipe than you might like the nut and mango smoothie as well: 


 I really hope you like this recipe as much as me and my sister does.

 Thanks for reading J


 Ella x

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