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My 3 favourite Health Role models

My 3 health role models!

Hi Glow Girl!

These 3 health Role models, which I’m going to mention today in this post, have all inspired me to live a healthy and happy life. I hope you find this post useful and inspiring and I definitely recommend you follow these 3 health experts, they are great for healthy and tasty recipe ideas!

Deliciously Ella 

I have to admit I think Deliciously Ella is a great role modal she seems a lovely lady and all her recipes are scrumptious! She has published 3 books and my mum and I are always cooking healthy recipes from her books. If you are vegan like Deliciously Ella than she would be somebody I would definitely recommend. All her recipes are vegan and they all taste so great!

My favorite recipe from hers has to be the cashew energy balls, these are small snacks which taste so good and they are quick and easy to make and are great for an on the go snack. I would love to one day collaborate with Deliciously Ella to make some healthy snacks that will definitely be one of my goals!

Deliciously Ella:

YouTube channel: Deliciously Ella


Instagram: deliciouslyella

Facebook: Deliciously Ella

Twitter: Deliciously Ella

Joe Wicks


Joe Wicks is known to be a body coach. His recipes are fantastic and very tasty indeed. He started out being on YouTube just sharing the healthy recipes he has cooked and throughout the time he has gained lots of subscribers. He then wrote his own book called, ‘Lean In 15’ and it sold over a million copies, and became a best seller and that’s how he became well known. I find him really inspiring and he is someone I really look up to as well as deliciously Ella and the Helmsley sisters.

Twitter: The Body coach

Instagram: thebodycoach

Facebook: The Body coach

YouTube: The Body coach TV



  • Helmsley sisters



They are young sisters who make healthy food, delicious. They have become more well-known overtime and have managed to get their own TV series where they show you how to make lots of yummy healthy dishes. Mum and I have cooked some great recipes from their book as well called ‘The Art of eating well’. From watching them on TV and following then on social media they both seem, lovely girls, who I would love to meet overtime!

Twitter: Helmsley + Helmsley

Instagram: hemsleyhemsley

Facebook: Helmsley and Helmsley

YouTube: Helmsley + Helmsley



Thank you all so much for reading and remember to stay inspired 🙂


Ella Cranfield x

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