Hi Glow Girl!

Thanks for clicking on home Schooling, I am excited and happy that you want to learn more about it! So, I am going to explain what it is all about to hopefully give you more of an idea.

2 benefits for me to be educated at homeAs I have mentioned I am homeschooled myself because the school system was not right for me. So, please bear in mind that everybody has their own opinions on homeschooling and lives their Home Schooling days differently to mine. So, what I am going to share with you is all my views and opinions on homeschooling.

First of all, there Are lots of courses you can take so when I started out I had to try lots of courses in the summer holidays, to see which ones are right for me. Finally, I decided that I would go with the Wolsey hall course, now this is a college that specializes in homeschooling. I think the course for me is very good so far and makes learning much more fun and enjoyable for me. I am also getting lots of help and support from my tutors. If you want to learn more about the Wolsey hall home-schooling online course then just go to wolseyhalloxford.org.uk. Lots of colleges like Wolsey hall have their school system online, what I think is brilliant! There are so many tutorials to help you with your school work online and I feel homeschooling takes all of that help as an advantage.

I would also really like to share with you how my home-schooling days are like. I really like to vary my week with lots of different experiences and clubs, so I don’t feel like I am doing the same old boring routine. So, for example on Mondays I do yoga and netball on Wednesday and Saturday I do tennis and I have got part-time work twice a week at a restaurant. So, as I have explained I have always got an excited week ahead of me and therefore I am never bored.

I always take full advantage of my Homeschooling experience! I’m getting the most out of home-schooling by planning my day with the things I want to do because when I was at school I was learning subjects that I didn’t want to learn what made me tired and bored throughout my school life. So, how I spend my days are, in the mornings I do my exercise so I am energized and ready for the day! Mostly, what a lot of people do including me is get all my academics done in the morning, so then I can fill my afternoon with the things I want to do and inspire me. Things like doing my blog, drama, sports, shopping and personal development and much more!

Lots of people might be thinking, why do you like homeschooling and what are your highlights when being homeschooled? I love being homeschooled because I feel I am taking my own journey what makes me unique also I love the feeling that I can wake up still get my academics done as well as grab lots of opportunities that come my way. I think opportunities for me was one of the most important things when I was deciding to be homeschooled because when I went to school I was there until 8:00 am to 6:00 pm so It took all my day up so I didn’t get time to experience other opportunities! Now I have been to London to work with a social media company and I have been given the opportunity to do some part-time work as well as other exciting things that I wouldn’t have done if I stayed at school! So, the freedom for me is a massive reason why I made the decision to be homeschooled and I also think it is a very important reason as well. Another important point about homeschooling is you are not under pressure or stress, you can go at your own pace when learning and you don’t have to be worried to keep up in class, what was a big advantage for me.

Just quickly I want to talk about tutors and the support you get. I have had so much support and still am getting so much support throughout my Wolsey hall course! Now every course is different but the Wolsey hall course at the beginning when I started I got paired up with a tutor for each subject and I can email them if I need help anytime and they get back to you quickly! My core subjects are Maths and English and I am also business study GSCE what I am enjoying so much. I also do a lot of assignments but they are only mini to see how much progress I am making. So, with people who are having problems with schools, that have learning disabilities, getting bullied or just not finding school enjoyable whatever is your private problem then I definitely recommended homeschooling and I am sure that it will thrive each and every one of you to became amazing successful independent learners!

Thank you so much for reading this, I am aware that I haven’t covered everything about home-schooling because there are so much exciting things I want to mention but if you are keen to learn more about home-schooling than please check out my other home-schooling posts, where I keep you updated with all the amazing experiences and opportunities that I get to experience throughout my home-schooling days.

Remember: Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself 🙂

Ella Cranfield x