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Healthy skin, Healthy you!

healthy skin, healthy you!

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So, today in this post I am going to share with you 6 ways to healthy skin. Of course, some of these tips you may have already heard of, but it is always good to be reminded of the important actions you need to do in order to look after your skin.


Good Diet


Having a good diet is so important and it’s not just important for the skin but for the body. Having lots of green vegetables and fruits are really helpful for keeping the skin clean and healthy because it contains lots of great minerals and vitamins that your body and skin need in order to be healthy and well. If you want to get deeper about this topic and understand the certain foods, you should avoid than I would love for you to take a look at this post:


Drink lots of water


Keeping hydrated throughout your day is key. You should never feel dehydrated, somake sure you have a water bottle wherever you go and keep filling it up, throughout the day. If you don’t drink enough water than it would affect your skin, your skin would start to get very dry and tight and let’s be honest no girl wants that! From my research you should have up to 8 glasses of water a day (2 litres).

Get your beauty sleep

Your beauty sleep is precious. When you are sleeping it gives your body time to take in all that has happened that day and gives your body time to rest so it is bright and alert when you wake up the next morning. So, make sure you make the most of your sleep and get at least 8 hours sleep, if you can. A good night helps your skin because when you are sleeping your face muscles are relaxing with means it decreases stress, which is good for the skin because if you are stressed it causes inflammation in your body, hurting your skins quality.


Let’s get further into this topic and take a look at this post where I share with you some tips on getting a good beauty sleep:


Cleanse and moisturise everyday


Cleansing and moisturising every day is a big priority for me. Its important to clean your face because it will help prevent spots appearing. I am not asking you to use a lot of products on your face because at our age that would not be necessary, what I do, is use only two products the cleanser and moisturiser and that’s all I need. I would recommend cleaning your face 2 times a day morning and night. 🙂


Don’t be stressed


Relax! I know there is a lot of pressure put on us teenagers and the way I always like to handle with this pressure is doing some deep breathing. It’s so powerful to take a few minutes out of your day to just lay down and close your eyes, while taking some deep breaths. When you do this, you will see a change in how you feel and hopefully you will feel more calm and relaxed. Don’t stress, smile instead 🙂




Exercising is not only a great thing to do to start your day, it also helps your skin massively. From my research I have found that by exercising it helps your blood flow better, which helps nourish skin cells. I definitely recommend when you are exercising, exercise outside it is much more better for your body and skin If you are getting nice fresh air.


Well there you go I have covered 6 ways to healthy skin. I am sure to post a lot more tips and tricks that will help your skin GLOW! So, make sure you keep on the lookout for more exciting posts.


Thank you for reading! Bye for now 🙂


Ella x


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