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Foods to avoid

Foods to avoid

Hi Glow Girl!

Welcome back to another post! Today I want to make sure that you know what foods to avoid! I don’t know about you, but I want to be confident about eating the right foods and I really want to get clear on what foods are bad for me and what foods are good for me. So, then I am confident about what I should be eating in order to stay healthy and well.


Hopefully when you finish reading this post, you will be confident about what foods you should not eat!


Let me get straight to the point! Anything that is not meat, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables are the foods you want to avoid.

Of course, I respect that some of you may already be choosing not to eat certain foods due to religious beliefs or dietary choice such as vegetarianism etc, if that’s the case I’m still sure you will find some useful thoughts in this post.


Processed food and meat


Processed foods are not something you want to be living on. You ideally you want natural organic foods that will give you the nutrition you need.


Meat is something that you have to be very picky about when buying you want to get good quality meat. Now, you might not be the one getting your meat but your mission, if you want to do this, is go with your parents to a local farm, where you know they treat their farm animals well and that you also know that their meat is good quality. Yes! Good quality meat is more expensive, but it is worth spending more, If your budget allows and of course health is important to you, which I’m guessing if your reading this it is!


Chips and crisps


Crisps and chips are mostly friend in oil, therefore you do not want to be eating too much of them. They also contain a lot of fat and calories and also salt. Because they contain high amount of salt it makes you crave more and before you know it, you have eaten a lot!!!


Citrus fruits


Fruit contains natural sugar, which is ok to have now and again but obviously you do not want too much of it. There are a few fruits that are very citrusy, therefore which means they have a high amount of natural sugar, therefore limit what you eat. For example, the fruits to limit are: oranges, dates, plums, mangos and cherries. Try instead going for fruits that contain less natural sugar, like; green apples.


Dairy Products


Milk is not that great for us to have especially at our age because the chemicals in dairy products are hard for us to digest. So, try as best you can to cut down on the dairy and increase the vegetables and protein that will helps us grow.




Now, let’s finish off with the most obvious one SUGAR! It’s something we all need to avoid, the best we can. It not only contains a lot of calories, which means there is more chance of putting on weight, but it also prevents us from being productive at school because sugar gives us a spike of energy and then all of a sudden our energy rapidly drops and therefore you are most likely to lose focus and energy very quickly, which is not great if you are working toward exams.


Another reason why you should avoid sugar is its very harmful for your skin and will mostly probably attract lots of spots to appear on your face, but it will also affect your teeth and therefore when you are older you might need fillings and who knows what else!


Please, please, please! Start looking after yourself the best you can when young. It’s not too late to change how you are eating and how you are looking after yourself. I know you might not think it’s not a problem when young and that you can get away with eating badly but before you know it, it will cause all sorts of problems for you when you are older!


This is one of the reasons why I am doing this blog is to reach out to the teenagers like you in hope I can build a community of teenage girls who are committed to look after themselves and to be the best healthy version of themselves they can be, starting young!


Alright! So, hopefully this post has helped you as much as possible, I am aware that I have not mentioned all the foods that are worth avoiding but there is a lot, so I have only mentioned a few for you at the moment.


Thank you for reading 🙂


Ella x

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