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My favourite Beauty Book | Makeup secrets!

Favourite beauty book!

Hi Glow Girl!


Hope you are having a fabulous and inspiring day! For today’s post, I really wanted to recommend a beauty book, which I have been reading at the moment. It’s just too good not to recommend 🙂


What is this beauty book called and who wrote it?

Favourite beauty book!

This book is called Make -up Secrets and so far from reading it I have learnt so many good secrets, that will help my make-up look better and my skin to be flawless.


Jemma Kidd is the author of makeup secrets. Let me tell you a little bit about her career background.


Jemma Kidd, runs a successful international cosmetics business and a London based training academy for make- up artists. She was trained herself to be a make-up artist by the legendary Mary Greenwell.


She is not only passionate about makeup, but she is also passionate about nutrition and wellbeing and she talks a bit about that in her book.


What the beauty book includes?


This book has been broken down in 2 parts.


Part 1. Jemma Kidd gives lots of great tips and tricks for everything from skin tone to eye and lip shapes and also shares some of her products she would recommend using and how to apply them.


She also shares how to wear colour and share with you some on trend makeup looks. In addition, there is also a step to step instructions to creating some of the most icon makeup looks!


Part 2. Jemma Kidd in part 2 addresses the beauty concerns people ask her a lot about, she also talks a lot about skincare and how to look after your skin by not only using products but making sure you are giving your body good nutrition. That being said she also gives some tips and tricks on nutrition and what certain foods are great to have in order to have clear and flawless skin.


I can go on all night about what this book includes. So, let’s just say for now there is a lot of great information in this book, which I am sure will help you massively.


The reason why I am recommending this book?


I got this book for my birthday and since then I have been reading it and have learnt a lot of great tips and tricks that I have built into my skincare and makeup routine.


So, to answer the question I am not only recommending this book because I have fully enjoyed reading it and I have learnt a lot from it but I also know that a lot of teenage girls like me are trying to find tips and tricks to make themselves look pretty and I am hoping this will help girls like me a lot.


Just to mention! This post is not sponsored, I am not getting paid to do this post. I wanted to personally recommend this book because I know that this book could be useful for teenage girls to have in order to find ways to get better at makeup and looking after your skin.


I am really hoping that you have found this post helpful! I really do love this book and I hope you will like it just as much as me. If you are interested in getting this book or maybe asking for it for your birthday than I will leave a link, where you can order it.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for reading this post have a great rest of your day!


Ella x

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