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Family Adventure in Cornwall

Family Adventure in Cornwall

Dear Glow Girl,


Today I am writing to you because I have experienced a wonderful week in Cornwall and Somerset with my family. It was so memorable; therefore, I have to tell you all about it.


Looking back on the holiday, it really surprised me how much we explored. It was definitely very educational, so therefore I had to complain about that to my mum! My brain couldn’t handle all the information!


Sunday 8thJuly 2018


Let’s go right to the beginning of the holiday, where we started our family adventure, in a car for 3 and a half hours, FUN! The place we were travelling to was Somerset.


Somerset, is a very beautiful place and we were fortunate enough to stay in a hotel in a lovely little town called Wells. The thing I loved most about where we were staying was, the town felt very welcoming and we could literally walk outside the hotel and go for a lovely dinner in the town. The only downside was, my hotel room was like a sauna! It was so hot, therefore, I found it hard to sleep but the beautiful view out of my window made up for the heat. Our hoteI overlooked the Wells cathedral, which was stunning!


When we finished settling in, my family and I decided we would start exploring the town and start our adventure!  The first thing we explored…… was the cathedral. It was very impressive and so much credit to the people that built it because that must have taken a long time! To end our evening, we decided to go to a Thai restaurant. If you know me really well you would know I love Thai food, so I was very happy that I was going to have my favourite food for dinner.


Monday 9thJuly 2018



Today is an exciting day! We are going to Wookey Hole! Legend says that in a small village their lived a witch, that lived in a cave with her dog. Everything that happened in the village was blamed on the witch. Therefore, they sent a monk to go and talk to her. When the monk got there, it spilled water all over the witch and she turned to stone as well as her dog.


As we explored the caves we saw a nearly completed skeleton of her. It was very interesting! We also did lots of other activities at Wookey hole, such as; Mirror Maze and Adventure Golf. It was a busy day, that’s for sure!


Later on, that day, we went to a pub and had a lovely lunch. Yum!










Tuesday 10thJuly 2018


We left Somerset and made or way to another area of Cornwall, which was Fowey. Some of our friends let us kindly stay in the beautiful house overlooking a wonderful lake filled with boats. Yet again, we took time to explore Fowey and as we did so, we took a bite to eat and grabbed ourselves a drink.


We didn’t do a lot today it was mostly traveling in the car and settling into Fowey. So, let’s get straight to Wednesday!









Wednesday 11thJuly 2018


Waking up this morning to the beautiful view outside was a very special memory I will always remember. But today is a busy day because we are going to go cycling. So, at least I got a bit of exercising done on this holiday!


The plan was to cycle to another area nearby, which is called Pad Stow. The cycle ride was very pleasant and as we got to our location, everywhere I looked I saw dogs and more dogs. Which was good news for me because I am a massive dog lover. Before you ask, I did spend most of the holiday trying to convince my mum and dad to get a dog, it still hasn’t happened sadly! But that doesn’t mean I will stop trying! 🙂


As we explored Pad Stow, we went to a lovely, special lunch, which was very enjoyable and then we went down to a nearby beach, which was beautiful!  I had a dip in the sea and also a little sun bath, but I am going to be honest, I didn’t get much of a tan!



As, we cycled back I remembered that tonight we are going to get a lovely Indian takeaway and stay inside the house, so we can watch the semi-final of the football. The game was very intensive, and I am gutted we didn’t win!



Thursday 12thJuly 2018


After having a lovely breakfast in the morning, we hired a self-drive boat, where we can drive it on the lake. I was very excited to drive this boat! But, dad had to be by my side the whole time to make sure I am fine driving it. Seriously dad! The best part for me is when I jumped of the boat in the middle of the Estuary, that was fun but scary!


For dinner, we went to the lovely restaurant on the beach where we had a delicious barbeque. Then off to bed I went feeling sad that tomorrow was my last day and then I am leaving!








Friday 13thJuly 2018


Last day of being in Cornwall! Very upsetting! Yet again we had a lovely breakfast and then we went back to the house, packed our suitcases and said our goodbyes to Fowey! We decided on the way home we would stop of at the Eden Project.


The Eden project is a place where they have enormous green houses. One of them you can go in and explore what rainforests our like. It might not sound that interesting, but I am happy I experienced going. My family and I really enjoyed our time there.







Sadly, our family adventure in Cornwall came to an end 🙂


Ella x

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