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Cheeky Cheat Day!

Cheeky cheat day!

Hi Glow Girl!

Now, is the time where you can just relax and not over worry about what you are eating all the time because in all honestly its ok for you to have a certain day, where you are allowed to have your favourite chocolate bar or whatever you desire, and I like to call this day the cheeky cheat day. Hope you enjoy reading 🙂


Today I am giving you permission to have a cheeky cheat day. I know it can be stressful and worrying to try and maintain your health but sometimes you just need to relax and to not over think what you are eating. Being stressed is not mentally healthy for you, so sit back and relax!


I would recommend you have one cheat day a week and make sure you plan it for a certain day, for instance my cheat day is normally on Saturday. On Saturdays that’s when me and my family can be a little bit cheeky and get out our favourite chocolate bar or our favourite ice cream, while watching a family movie. But sometimes some people don’t feel the need to have a cheat day, and well if that is the case, then you go girl! But still on the other hand if you feel planning a cheat day will help you maintain your health during the week, then that’s fine.


Now, there is no point in having a cheat day if you are eating poorly during the week. A cheat day should be a reward for you eating well during the week. So, make sure you are being really good and eating healthy. So, when it is your cheat day, it’s extra special and rewarding.


NOTE: From my research some fitness experts claim having just one cheat day a week can help you burn fat more effectively!


Well, there you go! The next step from here is to decide which day is going to be your cheat day! There is no right or wrong day for you to have your cheat day, it is whatever works for you.


This was a nice, short post for you today and I will hopefully see you in my other posts.


Thank you for reading, bye for now 🙂


Ella x

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