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Beauty spring cleaning
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Beauty Spring cleaning | for anytime of the year!

Beauty spring cleaning   Hi Glow Girl!   It’s time for us girls get organised, especially with our beauty products!  So, today we are going to do some beauty spring cleaning, which you can do anytime of the year.   Let’s get into 7 steps for a beauty spring clean.   Step 1. Clean makeup …

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Relax, destress and meditate! | this tip will help your skin glow better!

Hi Glow Girl! I know the post is a little bit different to what I would normally talk about but these past couple of weeks have been stressful and tiring for me.  Maybe you have had a tough couple of weeks too?  If that’s the case then don’t worry you are not alone, and I …

Self care tips
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Tips that will help you became the best version of you!

Hi Glow Girls!   Today I can’t wait to share with you some important self-care tips which I got from the Hemsley Sisters, when scrolling through their website. I can assure you these tips will help you become the best version of you! x   Haven’t heard of the Hemsley sisters? Make sure you checkout …

Get Glowing skin naturally this summer!
Beauty Tips, Health, Natural Beauty, Skincare, Top Tips

Get Glowing Skin Naturally this summer | Foods that benefit your skin!

Hi Glow Girl!   Who wants glowing skin this summer? I definitely do, and I am sure you do as well. That’s why we are going to jump straight into this post. I am going to share with you how to get glowing skin naturally, which is based on what you eat.   I am …