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Beauty Spring cleaning | for anytime of the year!

Beauty spring cleaning

Beauty spring cleaning


Hi Glow Girl!


It’s time for us girls get organised, especially with our beauty products!  So, today we are going to do some beauty spring cleaning, which you can do anytime of the year.


Let’s get into 7 steps for a beauty spring clean.


Step 1. Clean makeup brushes


  • This is so important! You should really be washing your makeup brushes once every week, but I know sometimes I forget. So, today it’s important to give your brushes a proper clean and trust me they will then look brand new and work better, when putting on makeup!



Step 2. Throw away any makeup and skincare products that you don’t need anymore


  • Sometimes I buy a product and I use it and for some reason I don’t like it, or it doesn’t agree with my skin, but I sometimes forget to throw it away, so it tends to stay in my beauty bag. Bad habit! If you have any empty products, then throw it away and if you have makeup or skincare products that you don’t use and never will, then throw that away as well. It’s time to have a big sort out of your skincare and makeup bag.



Step 3. Give your make up packaging a clean and also polish your makeup dresser if you have one.


  • Giving every beauty thing you own a bit of a clean is a good idea. This is just to make sure everything still looks clean and brand new. It’s all about taking care of your makeup! If you have a makeup dresser or mirror than give that a clean as well! Why not?


Step 4. During this sort out, why not make a list of  any new make up or skincare products you would like.


Summer time is about trying some cool new makeup and skincare products that you have always wanted to try. So, why not make a list of all the products you would love to get and make sure your parents are aware of the products you would like and you never know you could be getting them for your birthday or Christmas.



Step 5. Buy some makeup organisers from Wilco, Poundland etc.


  • Make up organisers are really handy…. You don’t have to spend too much money on getting makeup organisers it is not essential that’s why getting some organisers for a very cheap price from Wilco, Poundland etc, is a great idea!



Step 6. Review your skincare routine, is there anything you want to change about it or add to it?


  • Now is the time to review your skincare routine and see if there is something you want to change about it. There is always room for improvement! But if you are happy the way it is then great keep sticking to that routine 🙂


Step 7. Maybe get some new beauty accessories like new brushes.


  • This is optional but if you want to replace old products with newer products like brushes for example. Then this would be a great time to do it! But only buy new products if it is necessary.



Thank you for reading this post, as always!


Ella x

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