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Always a Miss Selfridge girl

Always a miss Selfridge girl

Hi Glow Girl!

I am doing this post because I always love sharing my love for Miss Selfridge with you. I always like to be unique and different with my style and to not follow the crowd. So, if you love Miss Selfridge as much as I do than I can assure you will love this post.

If you asked me what my favorite shop is then with no dought I would say miss Selfridge. Most things in Miss Selfridge I love and will probably spend about 2 hours in that shop without even noticing! If you are reading this post and you don’t know what the shop Miss Selfridge is than you definitely need to check their website out or go to one of their shops, I can assure you will not be disappointed.

My favorite thing about Miss Selfridge is it’s very glamorous most of the time, so it’s ideal for me because I am most of the time very fancy with my clothing. The main thing that stands out for me is that I can always rely on Miss Selfridge for party dresses for special occasions such as: ‘party’s and weddings’. They do the best sales with party dresses.

So, as I have mentioned that I like to be different and unique with my style I definitely think Miss Selfridge is a way for me to bloomsome my own unique style because not a lot of my friends shop there. So, I definitely recommend going there for dresses because they are all so beautiful and I can assure you will stand out when wearing a Miss Selfridge dress. I have also got a lovely red winter coat from Miss Selfridge as well as a lovely red crop top recently, what I am loving.

This post was very short and snappy, to just share my love for Miss Selfridge with you and why I like it so much. Also, if you are a very fancy and glamorous person like me and you would like to browse at Miss Selfridges online website then feel free to go to and shop all night long! X

Thank you for reading, as always 🙂

Ella x

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