Welcome to Girl You Glow!

My name is Ella Cranfield and I am the founder of Girl You Glow. I have created this community because I have always had a strong passion for Natural Beauty and I wanted to create this community where I can share with you all the natural beauty tips and tricks I have learnt, which has helped me become more confident in myself. Now, I know that a lot of girls are into beauty and there is loads of beauty blogs out their but Girl You Glow is different. I am not into caking myself with toxic and chemical makeup and skincare, I am into enhancing your beautiful features and giving yourself a healthy and natural GLOW!

So, if you are reading this and you are a teenage girl, who wants to GLOW like nobody else! Then you are definitely in the right place 🙂


Are you ready to Glow Like nobody else?


Here at Girl You Glow, I share with you different ways you can GLOW naturally. These are the different areas of Girl You Glow that you can enjoy….


  • Skincare– I share with you tips to keep your skin glowing all throughout the different seasons. I share with you my skincare routines and recommend some skincare products I love and trust, and hopefully you will love them as well!


  • Makeup – In the makeup section of my blog, I love doing natural and glossy makeup looks. In this section I also share with you makeup tips I have learnt and recommend loads of makeup brands, which are natural and not damaging for your skin.


  • Hair – Looking after my hair is really important, therefore I share all the tips I have learnt, for looking after your hair and keeping it healthy. Also, there are great natural hair products out there that keep your hair looking silky and smooth and I definitely will be recommending some hair products I love in this category.




Life with Me – This category is for people that want to get to know me more personally and want to know what I have been up to in my crazy home schooling life.


Girly Chat! – This page is for anyone that wants to contact me personally have a Girly chat because I understand that being a teenage is hard and we all need to support each other. I will also answer any questions you have for me! Can’t wait to hear from you!


Thank you for reading all about Girl You Glow, now what are you waiting for, go and explore my content!


Lots of love Ella x