Hi Glow Girl!2 benefits for me to be educated at home

Welcome to my Blog, Girl You Glow! Before I start explaining what I will be including and talking about in my blog, I want to first explain why I am doing Girl You Glow. Even though I am still in my teenage years I have been exposed to many different ideas around health and Natural Beauty that are really helping me in my life, and I now want to share my experiences with other children and teenagers in the hope that it will help and inspire them on their life journey.

Sharing ideas and helping others is a great inspiration for me, plus I know I will continue to learn and grow myself by me hearing about your experiences and even your challenges, so please do get in contact if you think I can help in anyway or if you would just love to share ideas you have learnt that have helped you in your life. It’s really important to me to make a friendly and helpful community out of this blog so I hope you will not only enjoy reading my posts but you will also share your ideas and generally get involved.

So, if you are reading this and you are a teenage girl, who wants to GLOW like nobody else! Then you are definitely in the right place 🙂

฀Now, let’s get to the juicy part of this blog, which is, the content, what sort of content will I be providing and really what my blog is about and how it can serve you, when reading my posts. Within my blog I share helpful tips in the aspects of my home schooling life, which I am passionate about, these are; Health and Natural Beauty.

In the Natural Beauty category, I will share with you my love for skincare and makeup products and most importantly recommend lots of good natural beauty products that will give you an amazing healthy glow! When I recommend lots of products throughout my post, they are not products that you get from drugstores, I recommend beauty products that don’t have a lot of chemicals in them, therefore they are healthier and better to put on your skin and most importantly not damaging for your skin. I am a strong believer in looking after your skin not just with skincare products but by using natural healthy makeup as well. Because your skin is so important, it’s crucial that you look after it well. As well, as recommending good products I also like to share with you Top secrets about Beauty, which every teenage girl is in need to know.

Then we have the Health Category. Now, a lot of you might be surprised as the fact that I am so young but I am passionate about health, it’s unusual I know. But I have a real passion towards health and making sure you are looking after yourself properly. In this category, I love sharing with your yummy recipes, which will make you droll all-night long. I am always busy in the kitchen creating new healthy recipes and always on the lookout for recipes that I think is worth sharing with you. Apart from the recipes, I also share health tips that I use in my daily life that really helps me and will hopefully help and benefit you as well.

 Then there is finally, the vocational menu category, what I mean by vocational is what I get up to when I am not doing education, so normally part of curriculum I would do my education in the mornings and then I would fill up my afternoons with the things that inspire me. So, I share lots of special opportunities I have been able to experience. Also, in this same category I do some more personal posts where you can get to know me a little bit more.

Thank you for reading all about Girl You Glow, now what are you waiting for, go and explore my content!

Best wishes 🙂

Ella Cranfield x