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A valuable lesson about health (must read)

Important lesson about health

Hi Glow Girl!

This post is all about me sharing a valuable lesson I learned today from my dad, that I thought was definitely worth sharing with all of you! This post will only be short and quick so, read on!

I learned today not to get too uptight about my health. I admit that sometimes I am over cautious about what I am eating and don’t get me wrong that’s not a bad thing that I am aware of what I am eating, but sometimes I can get myself too worked up, which means the mental stress I can create will undo the positive eating habits, quite funny really when you think about it!  Balance is the key!

The best thing is to make sure you are aware and that majority of the time you are eating healthy and well and then you can be a little naughty at the end of the week!

The important thing to remember is it is healthier to be more relaxed and balanced with your mindset rather than getting over worried and paranoid about your health and what you are eating. Because the moment you get too worried about something your mind is unbalanced which is not good for your mental health, and this state will also affect your digestion so not so good for your physical health either.

To sum up this post, just make sure you are aware of your health and you are sensible about what you are eating and then you can go through life with a big smile on your face and hopefully you will also feel more relaxed!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Ella x



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