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5 reasons why I like being Home Schooled

2 benefits for me to be educated at home

Hi Glow Girl!

Welcome to another post.  Today, I thought I would share with you 5 reasons why I like being homeschooled. I love talking about homeschooling and how I am finding it! So, lets get straight into the post 🙂


2 benefits for me to be educated at home


  1. I feel I have more freedom to do the things that I love and I am inspired by. It allows me to plan my own time which means I concentrate on my education in the morning and then my vocational program in the afternoon.  An example of my vocational program would either be writing and improving my blog as well as going to preforming arts schools including auditions, and sometimes spending time on different sports or going to the gym.  This type of day inspires me and I feel gives me lots of benefits rather than being on the couch gazing at the TV all afternoon.


  1. I have less distractions when doing my education in the morning. This is important for me because with no distraction and less noise around me it helps me concentrate and focus more on my education. This environment helps me get more done with my days, and I guess the proof of this is that my grades have improved so far compared to when I was at school, what is amazing for me!


  1. Home Schooling gives me more experience and opportunities because I feel I am more flexible to try different things. Also, when being home-schooled I like how I have the time to try unusual and different experiences that not a lot of teenagers are privileged to experience. It also gives me some experience about work in the real world, for example I have helped out at me dads business, what was an exciting and different experience for me. Another example would be some work experience with a social media company called 24 fingers, again this is an experience I have really enjoyed and not one I would have been able to do if I was at a traditional school.


  1. When being educated at home I use an online home schooling course. A key reason I am enjoying this is because it is helps me become an independent learner, I have to regularly search the internet to help me find answers and tutorials to support the topics I am learning. So I really feel I this method gives me lots of support and help.


  1. Last but not least, I feel that when even though I have moved from my old school to home schooling, my friendships have actually become much stronger. I think it’s because I am not spending everyday with my friends so I don’t get involved in the petty arguments. This combined with friendships I have made through clubs, means I have met a lot of people that are like minded to me.  So all this means I feel that I have happier and stronger friendships now.


Thanks for reading


Ella Cranfield x

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