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3 things that I love about blogging community

3 things I love about the blogging community

Hi Glow Girl!

For a change I would share with you the things I love about the blogging community because I definitely believe that blogging is an amazing way to share things with others as well as help them in their everyday life.


  1. I love how I have the access and freedom to share different things with others just by using the internet. It’s really exciting for me to think that I am sharing tips and ideas and that I have learned, and it could possibly be helping others in all different aspects of their life. So, me knowing that I am helping people creates a massive smile on my face.


  1. Also,  i love the community and interaction of blogging. It’s wonderful when you start blogging and you can grow a massive community just by sharing things with others. I also love the idea of having others subscribe and follow so I can interact with them as much as I want. I love the idea of building and growing a friendly and helpful community out of my blog, where you can help and support each other. I think that is a really special skill to have, to be able to grow and create a community.


  1. Another thing I love about the blogging community is you can just be yourself. I just love how you can express your personality through the internet by doing videos or creating posts. It’s also amazing that people have the opportunity to decide who they want to follow by subscribing or liking your blog and posts


Thank you for reading 🙂

Ella Cranfield x

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