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3 most important top tips about Mascara

3 most important top tips for mascara

3 most important top tips about Mascara that everyone should know!

Hi Glow Girl!

These are 3 simple top tips, that everyone should be aware of to make sure you get amazing lush lashes when using mascara.


  1. Mascara should be replaced every few months because of the risk of a build-up of bacteria. When you buy, a new mascara make sure you smell it, and as soon as it smells different, throw it away!


  1. Make sure you close your mascara tightly so that it doesn’t dry out.


  1. Pumping the wand doesn’t ensure even distribution but forces air into the tube, which dries out the product.


3 most important top tips for mascaraIf anyone is interested in what mascara I use than it’s the one from Bare minerals and it’s called lash domination. This mascara definitely gives my eyelashes a very bold look, which I love. I really recommend this product, If you are interested then click on the link:


This was a nice, short post for you today, and hopefully, you have found the tips useful. You might have already been aware of these tips before, but they are really important so it’s always good to be reminded of them to make sure you get the best possible eyelashes when putting on mascara.

Thank you for reading 🙂


Ella Cranfield x

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